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South Enviromental Weather Agency

Knez Mihajlova 2-4, 11001, Beograd, Serbia

Tel/Fax. 381 (0)11/621046, 621861



Origins and structure

SEWA was founded in August 2002 as a result of the developments which took part earlier through the company "Tehnicom Weather" - the first private sector weather service in FRY. "Tehnicom Weather" further dissolute in two companies: " More And More Communication" (MMC) a Yugoslav German joint venture company and has changed its name into Meteos. The second company that emerged from "Tehnicom Weather" is newly established joint venture company consisting of SEWA Belgrade and NEWA Stockholm.

SEWA-Belgrade (Tehnicom Weather, MMC/Meteos-Belgrade 1997 – 2002) activities timeline

In a period preceding foundation of MMC-Belgrade, Tehnicom Weather has become a respected weather forecast service on a European level. That was justified with a triple in a row winning on European annual meteorology competition organized by University of Meteorology in Munich and in which more than 20 of European meteorology institutes and weather service companies took part. The competitions were held in March – June 1998. September - November 1998. and January – April 1999.

The technology

The group of experts gathered around the SEWA-Belgrade company adopted the new technology which was developed in earlier times with the efforts of many institutions (University of Belgrade, NCEP Washington, University of Athens, ICTP Trieste, EPEM Greece). Eta-2000 meteorological system, based on Eta model is installed in SEWA-Belgrade weather service centre. It represents the new generation of meteorological technologies on PC and BeoWulf cluster platforms, which contains various know-how’s, technologies and technical solutions that assure practice of all activities necessary for the weather forecast process. Eta model has been defined by Prof. Dr. Fedor Mesinger and Prof. Dr. Zavisa Janic. The new version of the model was developed in cooperation with Institute of meteorology of the University of Belgrade IMUB and NCEP Washington (National Centre for Environmental Prediction), USA.

The technological basis of Eta 2000 system represents an integrated system consisted of computer network,

computer resources, network communication centre and a set of various tools that cover all functions of a Eta 2000 system. Eta 2000 system is a new generation of meteorological technologies and as such it performs all the necessary functions needed for running a meteorology centre like SEWA-Belgrade is, and provides the following:

· Reliable weather forecast and early announcement of any meteorological and hydrological tempest.

· Basis for modelling the atmospheric transport of pollution in a case of accidental nuclear and chemical  disasters.

· Higher level of reliability of the industrial and other systems who's functioning depends on weather,  climate and water.

What is Corporate Identity?

Over the CI (Corporate Identity), the company becomes undoubtedly positioned and can be clearly identified. Besides that, the employees get better integrated.

CI is internally and externally expressed trough:

·        Corporate design (CD): design, architecture, colours, forms, letter, logo, products, uniform

·        Corporate communications (CC): advertisements, billboards, brochures, magazines, employees, customers, manuals, slogans, fairs.

·        Corporate behaviour (CB): guidance, damage remuneration (expenses remuneration), development of the personal, judgment, communication tone, conference style, criticism capability.

The effects are:



Why SEWA does need CI?

Services' marketing is primarily marked with the fact that for the non material services, an image must be build, which will become the decisive factor for the purchase.
This means that companies that sell services must have a good corporate identity policy if they want to become successful. This also means that advertising, public relations, service and personal sale are important marketing instruments.

For SEWA as an contractor of the valuable ecological and meteorological services, the goal of the CI politics is the following:

1.      Sales improvement (creating the need for our products);

2.      Confidence build-up (creating an attachment to our company);

3.      Improvement of working atmosphere and internal structures (work optimising).



 CI tasks scheme

Corporate design (CD)

Corporate communications (CC)
Corporate behaviour (CB)



1. Corporate object

As a full time service agency, SEWA offers independently of the target group, specific ecological and meteorological information and conceptual, technical and graphical solutions.

According to the profile and needs of the customer, SEWA offers content (package) from technical solution to personal presentation. Information is prepared in a way that it can be easily read and is regionally and thematically constructed, so that it can work with specific demands of the customer. SEWA cooperates with other disciplines.

SEWA offers meteorological services, software development, database development, model calculations and graphics development.

The provided services are:

1.      Technical consultants in public organizations and private companies for the planning and the execution of environmental programs;

2.      Environmental project management;

3.      Development of environmental management plans in specific geographical units, as well as the execution of feasibility studies;

4.      Execution of environmental impacts assessment studies on specific projects and plants;

5.      Execution of special environmental studies for the protection and management of protected areas;

6.      Engineering of pollution abatement plants (biological treatment facilities, landfill sites etc), as well as technical supervision from the construction to the start up;

7.      Restoration of solid waste landfill sites and rehabilitation of polluted soils;

8.      Operation and operation monitoring of pollution abatement plants;

9.      Development of training packages and organization of training seminars on pollution abatement and environmental protection topics;

10.  Development in the field of numerical weather forecast;

11.  Modeling of the trans-boundary transport, transformation and deposition of air pollution;

12.  Tourist weather browser;

13.  Objective and subjective analysis of weather elements;

14.  Weather in highly populated and most industrialized areas;

15.  Tourist weather all over the Europe and world wide;

16.  Tourist weather browser;

17.  Business weather;

18.  Agricultural weather;

19.  Graphic solutions;

20.  Consulting;

21.  Concepts.

2. Corporate goals

·        Leadership on B2B (business to business) market as a ecological and meteorological content distributor in South-eastern Europe until year 2006. and in Europe until year 2010;

·        Healthy grow of the company;

·        Long term binding of users and satisfaction of users through valuable products and professional evaluation;

·        Loyalty to the customers and partnership relations;

·        Financial independency through solid financial planning;

·        Satisfaction of the employees and preservation of jobs;

·        Standardization of technology, content and quality;

·        Friendly attitude and pleasant communication;

·        Achieving the highly profitable solutions;

·        Environmental protection and social responsibility;

·        Equal and maximum usage of the capacities and productivity growth.

3. Target Group

The main target group for the SEWA company lies in the field of public sector and institutions that strive for better quality of the environment from legal and administrative point of view as well as from technical and technological perspective (climate change, air quality, forest management, water management, solid waste management). Other target groups can be found in the B2B field.

4. Strategy