SSSS 2000
4-5. September 2000, Niš, Yugoslavia

Programme Committee:
E. Bushehri, Univ. of Middlesex (UK)
R. Damper, Univ. of Southampton (UK)
H. Detter, TU Vienna (Austria)
M. Lenczner, Univ. Franche-Comté (France)
V. Litovski, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
Z. Nikolić, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
M. Popović, Univ. of Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
N. Stojadinović, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
M. Zwolinski, Univ. of Southampton (UK)
Symposium Secretary:
Mr. Kristijan Zarković
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Beogradska 14
18000 Niš, Yugoslavia
phone:+381 18 529321
fax:+381 18 46180
Organizing Committee:
M. Damnjanović, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
M. Jevtić, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
T. Kazmierski, Univ. of Southampton (UK)
V.Litovski, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
S. Milenković, Univ. of Niš, (Yugoslavia)
Ž. Mrčarica, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
P. Petković, Univ. of Niš (Yugoslavia)
Organized by:
YSS - Yugoslav Simulation Society
Faculty ofElectronic Engineering, Ni
under the auspices of:
Federal Ministry of Science and Development of FRY.

Technical programme: The conference is intended to provide a forum to discuss various aspects of simulation of mixed-signal integrated circuits, micro-electromechanical systems, bioelectronic systems, micro-optoelectronic systems, systems-on-a-chip, smart materials and other small integrated systems. Topics include, but are not limited to, simulation of coupled systems, hardware description languages, fault simulation, hardware-software co-simulation, and modelling. Advanced numerical methods applied in small systems simulation are especially welcomed.

Preparation of abstracts: Authors are kindly asked to submit even number of pages (no more than eight) camera-ready final papers. Guidelines for papers preparing can be downloaded here in pdf format (layout.pdf [27K]), TIFF format (page1 [283K], page2 [155K]) or as PostScript file ( [145K]). The paper due date is March, 1st 2000.

Location: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš, Yugoslavia. Accommodation, under request, will be settled by the Symposium organiser.

Registration fee:The fee of 100 Euros is payable by check.

Preliminary program: For information about Symposium Preliminary Program and Review of Abstracts see BULLETIN II

Final program: Symposium Final Program see here