Monday, September 04
 9.30 Registration
10.00 Opening session
Simulation of microelectronic and microelectromechanical systems
10.30 S. Mijalkovic
	A New Finite Element Approach to Stress Analysis inMicrofabrication Technology
11.00 Z. Nikolic
	Simulaton of Intergranular Impedance as a Function of Diffuson Processes
11.30 M. Jakovljevic, P.Fotiu, Z.Mrcarica, V.Litovski, H.Detter
	Electro-Thermal Simulation of Microsystems with Mixed Abstraction Modeling
12.00 M. Kader, M. Lenczner, Z.Mrcarica
	Distributed Control Based on Distributed Electronic  Cicuits. Aplication to Vibration Control
12.30 Lunch
Advanced modelling of small systems
14.00 R. Damper, R. French, T. Scutt
	The Hi-Noon Neural Simulator and its Applications
14.30 Z. Mrcarica, D. Maksimovic, A. Tasic, V. Litovski
	Some Features of Analogue and Mixed-Signal HDL  AleC++
15.00 T.Ilic, K. Zarkovic, V. Litovski, R. Damper
	ANN Application in Modelling of Dynamic Linear Circuit
15.30 P. Petkovic, S. Djordjevic
	A Hierarchical Approach to Large Circuit Symbolic Simulation
19.00 Symposium dinner
Tuesday, September 05
Simulation and realisation of small systems
10.00 P. Petkovic, E. Bushehri, S. Milenkovic, V. Litovski
	A High Level Simulation for DS Modulator Design
10.30 V. Zivkovic, M. Jevtic
	An Object Oriented Approach to the Modelling of the Real-Time  Systems
11.00 M. Zwolinski
	Analogue Fault Simulation Using Device Latency
12.00 Round Table: Simulation of small systems and the role of SSSS.
12.30 Closing the symposium
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Sightseeing tour: Nis trough centuries.