Friday, February 12

10.00 Registration: Room 2, Faculty of Electronic Engineering Niš


Opening session 

10.30 Address of D. Ćirković, the Mayor of Mediana Community

10.45 Invited lecture: M. Zwolinski, Desktop Supercomputing: Simulation With Multi-and Many-Core Processors


Session 1. Chair O. Nieto-Taldriz

11.30 D. Maksimović, G. Notermans,Simulating Electrostatic Discharge

11.45 S. Đorđević, S. Bojanić and O. Nieto-Taldriz, BDD-based Cryptanalysis of LFSR Stream Ciphers

12.00 I. Paunović, V. Zerbe, Modeling and Simulation of Digital Systems in different Domains

12.15 L. Stoimenov, A. Stanimirović, M. Bogdanović, N. Davidović, A. Krstić, GinisED - Geographic Information System for Support of Evidencing, Maintenance, Management and Analysis of Electric Power Supply Network

12.30 S. Filiposka and D. Trajanov, 3D Simulations for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks in Grid Environment


12.45 Lunch


Session 2. Chair Volker Zerbe

15.00 V. Litovski, Twenty years of ANN research and application in LEDA

15.15 J. Milojković and V. Litovski, Multistep forecasting in electronics based on reduced information

15.30 B. Jovanović, M. Zwolinski, M. Damnjanović, Low power digital design in Integrated Power Meter IC

15.45 S. Đošić and M. Jevtić, Analysis of Real-Time Systems Timing Constrains

16.00 B. Jovanović, and M. Jevtić, An approach to Digital Low-Pass IIR Filter Design

16.15 Z. Stević, M. Rajčić-Vujasinović, and D. Topisirović, Galvanotechnical Manufacture of Parts of Electrical Components using Pulse-reversed current


20.00 Symposium gala concert and cocktail: “Complex Vidikovac”


Saturday, February 13

Session 3. Chair Predrag Petković

10.30 T. Kazmierski, Energy harvesting:  ultimate solution to the low power challenge?
10.45 B. Anđelković, M. Dimitrijević, M. Andrejević Stošović, and V. Litovski, Parallelizing Electronic Circuit Simulation on Multicore Computer Cluster
11.00 M. Petković and G. Đorđević, High Level Simulator of Spatial to Auditory Mapping System for Blind and Visually Impaired
11.15 M. Dimitrijević and V. Litovski, Computer Based Power Factor and Distortion Measuring for Small Loads

11.30 M. Stanojlović and P. Petković, Strategies Against Side-Channel-Attack

11.45 D. Mirković and P. Petković, Multi channel ΔΣ A/D converter for integrated power meter


13.00 Sightseeing tour: Knjaževac - Torlaci.


Sunday, February 14

10.30 SoCD (TEMPUS JEP 41107) Round Table

13.00 Closing ceremony: Restaurant “Ambasador”