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Proceedings and Publication

The complete proceedings (printed and CD also published) can be found here as single pdf document

Proceedings separated by articles


  1. Kaźmierski, T. J., Design of ultra-low-energy wireless sensor nodes powered by kinetic harvesters
  2. Nikolić, V. and Janković, N., A Simulation Study of Experimental GaInP/InGaAs/Ge Triple-Јunction Solar Cell
  3. Lukač, D., Andrejević-Stošović, M., Litovski, V., Operating Points and Topographic Dependence of the Thin Layer-Photovoltaic Cells as Relevant Characteristics for Modeling of the PV Cells
  4. Škobić, V., Dokić, B., Ivanović, Ž., Solar energy harvesting for Wireless Sensor Nodes
  5. Andrejević Stošović, M., Lukač, D., Litovski, V., Realistic modeling and simulation of the PV system - converter interface
  6. Lazić, M., Šašić, B., Petrović, D., and Stajić, D., Pspice Analysis of Parallel Operation of Two IGBT Inverters
  7. Georgijević, M., Bojanić, V., Bojanić, G., and Bojić, S., Simulation as the optimization tools for the complex logistic systems
  8. Petrović, V., Ilić, M., and Schoof, G., Single Event Latchup Power Switch Cell Characterisation
  9. Pajkanović, A., Kazmierski, T.J, and Dokić, B., Adiabatic Digital Circuits Based on Sub-threshold Operation of Pass-transistor and Slowly Ramping Signals
  10. Dokić, B., Pešić-Brđanin, T., and Pajkanović, A., Full-swing Low Voltage BiCMOS/CMOS Schmitt Trigger
  11. Melikyan, V., Babayan, E., and Harutyunyan, A., Pattern Based Approach to Current Density Verification
  12. Jovanović, B., Jevtić, R., and Carreras, C., TBT signal model for power estimation of non-linear DSP circuits implemented in FPGAs
  13. Ivanišević, N., Videnović-Mišić, M., Đugova, A., Analysis and design of a two-stage CMOS operational amplifier in 150 nm technology
  14. Radić, J., Đugova, A., Nadj, L., and Videnović-Misić, M., Resistive Feedback Influence on Ring Oscillator Performance for IR-UWB Pulse Generator in 0.13μm CMOS technology
  15. Djogatović, M. S., and Stanojević, M. J., GNSS Signal Simulation and a Multipath Delay Estimation
  16. Janković, N., Pantić, D., Simulation and Modeling of Integrated Hall Sensor Devices
  17. Milovanović, B., Dončov, N., Joković, J., Modeling of Printed Circuit Boards in Closed Environments Using TLM method
  18. Bozić, M., Todorović, D., Petković, M., Zerbe, V., and Djordjević, G.S., Advanced DC motor driver for Haptic Devices
  19. Đošić, S., and Jevtić, M., Energy efficiency and fault tolerance analysis of hard real-time systems
  20. Paskaš, M., Lutovac, M., Dujković, D., Reljin, I., and Reljin, B., Computer Model for Analysis and Re-design of Crystal Filters
  21. Djinevski, L., Filiposka, S., and Trajanov, D., Network Simulator Tools and GPU Parallel Systems
  22. Stefanović, M., Drača, D., Panajotović, A., and Sekulović, N., Modeling and Simulation of L-branch Selection Combining Diversity Receiver in Nakagami-m Environment using Matlab
  23. Jovanović, B., Damnjanović, M., and Stevanović, D., The Decomposition of DSP's Control Logic Block
  24. Mirković, D., Stevanović, D., Litovski, V., Efficient Fault Effect Extraction for an Integrated Power Meter's SigDel ADC
  25. Mirković D., and Petković, P., High level simulation of multiplexed incremental ADC for Integrated Power Meter
  26. Bojanić, S., Ðorđević, S., and Nieto-Taladriz, O., Privacy Issues in Smart Grids
  27. Stanojlović, M., and Petković, P., Resistance of XOR/XNOR NSDDL cell to Side Channel Attack
  28. Stanojlović, M., and Litovski, V., Simulation of defects in the sequential NSDDL Master/Slave D flip flop circuit
  29. Dimitrijević, M., and Litovski, V., Quantitative Analysis of Reactive Power Definitions for Small Non-linear Loads
  30. Stevanović, D., Jovanović, B., and Petković, P., Simulation of Utility Losses Caused by Nonlinear Loads at Power Grid